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Baucum's Handyman Services

Pennsylvania - Parkville

(4 votes)

Don Morgan


(2 votes)


Alaska - Akhiok

(2 votes)

Jerry Bruce

Texas - Fort Worth

(2 votes)

Bob Campbell

California - Chico

(1 vote)

winnie krofah

Louisiana - Denham Springs

(1 vote)

Timothy Schultheis

New Jersey - Atlantic Highlands borough

(1 vote)

Will Beckett

California - Palo Alto

(1 vote)

Jason Newill

Virginia - Virginia Beach

(1 vote)

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Handyman services; find a local handyman is a meetingplace for people who need to have a job done and others that want to offer their services. Find someone in your own neighborhood! Whether you're a handyman, a computer wizzard, a gardener, a cleaning lady, an administrator, or good with kids.
Because everybody is good at something!

What makes Handymanweb so special:


  • A solid reviewing system.
  • Secure communication. No need to exchange emails
  • Google maps integration
  • Change your profile and your ads instantaniously, at all times.
  • Put up a simple homepage in a few easy steps.
  • Targeted at amateurs and pro's
  • It's completely free!

Are you a handyman?
With us, everybody is a handyman!
I bet that you have some special talent or skill that you can use to other's benefit. Maybe you're good in repairing cars or electrical equipment. Or maybe you're good with kids or have a special talent for gardening. Perhaps you like to work with numbers. Whatever your skill is, this is your chance to put it to work!
Even if you're not aware of any special skill, but just have some time to spare, you can surely help others with all kinds of small jobs. Just put yourself on the map and ad a message. It's free of charge! You are not under any obligation and you can change your messages whenever you want. There simply is no reason not to subscribe!
As soon as your message is online you're ready to receive messages from people that may require your help. You are free to discuss all issues like job description, planning, fees, etc.
Of course you can also react to messages yourself. Go and see if there's something there for you, in your neighborhood!


Do you need a handyman?
Sometimes you need a plumber, a mason or a bricklayer. maybe you need a baby sitter or a cleaning lady. And sometimes you may really need someone to do your taxes, your garden, or to take the dog out while your working. For all these jobs and more, you can turn to Just look for handyman in your neighborhood by zooming in on the map. The related messages are listed underneath the map. You can als choose to 'put yourself on the map', and publish a free ad yourself. No strings attached. You can change or remove your message whenever you want.

How do you find a special handyman, or how do you find a special job? is a meeting point for people that need a service and people that offer a service. Maybe there's a student living around the corner that is just the right person for a job you need to have done. But how do you know this? Imagine that we could all put those skills to work that we're best in. Maybe you're an administrator and could do somebody's tax-papers. This person could then do a paint job for a third person, who, in turn could repair your car! Of course all of this doesn't have to happen at the same time. This is not a barter program. When you have found the right person at the right location you can simply agree on a price or another kind of compensation for the services offered. Easy, simple and practical. That's how we like it!

We respect your privacy. If you want to add a message we are asking only for an email adress and a general location. You don't need to provide any address information. This means there is absolutely no risk involved in subscribing to!

Rules of conduct
Everyone, professional or amateur can place their free ad. The only condition is that the ads comply to our rules of conduct. We reserve the right to remove or modify any information submitted to this website, any time and without prior notice.


  • No more than one ad per category, is allowed for each user
  • The ad must be specific and relevant for the category.
  • The ad must give a clear description of the offered services
  • Use of language should be functional and polite. Foul language, unnecessary use of capitals, or repetitions will not be tolerated
  • Ads for competitive websites are not allowed.


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We don't give guarantees about the quality of the work that is offered, or the credibility of the people that offer a job. It is therefore advisable that you ask for a list of references and make a clear agreement. Using this site and the information on it is completely at your own risk. We don't accept any responsibility regarding any consequences that will follow from using of this website.