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A celebrity cook in Ohio?

Or a cook that toils away in the kitchen unseen and unheard of?
If you are living in Ohio and have a passion for cooking and a fascination with food, a fitting career to consider is to become a cook, or as we see them on TV all the time, a celebrity chef. Not just in Ohio, but everywhere cooking has become a multimillion dollar business and man never cease to be fascinated with food cooked in different ways with exotic ingredients and served to titillate the most jaded palette. What you see on TV is only the tip of the iceberg because in order to be a really good cook of repute, it takes years of training, much hard work and dedication to a career that can be enhanced by opening your own restaurant in Ohio or by offering your services to anyone who can appreciate a good cook.

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The work of a cook in the average Ohio Restaurant is never done. When one meal is finished, he has to think about the next. Planning the menu, ordering the stuff, getting embroiled in the tedious business of cooking; standing in front of a hot stove for ages and at the end of it all, no one is even aware of  his services or even recognize the cook as the person responsible for such succulent and delicious dishes.
A cook never conjures up recipes out of the blue; he first tries them out, gives them a little twist to make them unique and lo behold, a new dish is on the cards. His only satisfaction is knowing he has done a good job but his services are rarely appreciated.   Even a highly qualified cook will not find it easy to get a job in Ohio. He will first have to prove himself from the bottom level and rise very slowly and it’s very seldom that a cook gets a shot at fame; no matter how good his cooking is.
No, quickly close this handyman nonsense again