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Bob Campbell

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Baby sitter

Baby sitter

There are some jobs that you really don’t want to look for on the Internet. Someone to look after your children must be on the top of this list.

However, on handymanweb you will be looking in your own neighborhood. Actually someone you already know very well may apply to your message! Someone you didn’t expect or someone you didn’t dare to ask. Wouldn’t that be a perfect match?

Give it a try. Someone has to take the first step! Whether you get 1 or 10 reactions; you can always decide later what you will do with them. There are no obligations (and no fee for writing an ad).

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view ads of Rachael Barlow
Region: Arkansas - Highland
I specialize in childcare. I am currently a nanny of two teenagers; a 14 year old girl and 18 year old boy, both in High School. I cook for them, help with homework, drive them where they need to go a...
view ads of dawn perez
Region: New York - New York
Im also an excellent babysitter/nanny Ive done it all, from changing diapers, fixing formula, dressing, bathing, feeding arranging playdates etc etc....Im also very pet friendly and very easy going l...
view ads of dawn perez
Region: New York - New York
Hi thanks for taking the time to read my post... Im seeking a position for Wednesdays and Thursday (full-day) and im available some weekends... caring for a senior, im currently caring for a senior...
view ads of Lana Smith
Region: Kentucky - Edmonton
I've been working as a babysitter for the last 7 years, and a Nanny for the last 3. I've worked with autistic children, extremely allergic children (I'm Epi Pen trained!), and all sorts of kids! I've ...
view ads of Nicole
Region: Iowa - Farnhamville
Hi im nicole im 15 years old and i have babysat since i was like 11 and my aunt used ta clen houses so i use to go to work wit her since i as like 8 and now i clen others people houses as a job so if ...
view ads of Fin
Region: Texas - Clute
Can care new born baby or toddler
view ads of winnie krofah
Region: Louisiana - Denham Springs
on call- caregivers
view ads of winnie krofah
Region: Louisiana - Denham Springs
on call- caregivers
view ads of Alexandria Piepenburg
Region: Michigan - Dassel
I will Babysit for you,I help with homework,go to my website
view ads of Kevin Tarson
Region: Kansas - Deerfield
21 year old student from DePaul University, I have 3 sisters, love kids! I was a teacher's assistant for 2 years for 4th-8th grade and special education at a temple.